Barreiro Concert

Barreiro Concert Agustí Fernández – piano Recorded live,  October 6th, 2016 Velvet Be Jazz Club, Escola de Jazz do Barreiro, Portugal Live recording: Rafael Toral Mastering: Ferran Conangla Photo and design: Daria Petrillo SR 1701, Sirulita Records,... Leer más


Stir Yves Charuest – alto saxophone Agustí Fernández – piano Nicolas Caloia –  bass Peter Valsamis – drums Recorded on 19th June, 2014, studio Hotel2Tango, Montréal

Spontaneous Soundscapes

Spontaneous Soundscapes Agustí Fernández – piano Artur Majewski – cornet & echo Rafał Mazur – acoustic bass guitar


DESMADRE – now on Bandcamp! Marco Colonna – clarinets Agustí Fernández – piano This recording of improvised material is the work of the most important Spanish improviser, pianist Agustí Fernández – member of Evan Parker’... Leer más

Mandorla 2

MANDORLA 2 Agustí Fernández – piano Jane Rigler – flautas Liner notes by Pauline Oliveros, Miya Masaoka and Agustí Fernández. Recorded in 2002 at Estudi 84, Barcelona, Spain Recorded by David Casamitjana. Mixed and Mastered in 2014... Leer más

Celebration Ensemble

AGUSTI FERNANDEZ CELEBRATION ENSEMBLE Agustí Fernández – piano Frances-Marie Uitti – cello Mats Gustafsson – sax Nate Wooley – trumpet Pablo Ledesma – sax Joe Morris – guitar Ingar Zach – percussion Núria Andor... Leer más

Breaking The Lab!

AGUSTÍ FERNÁNDEZ – MATS GUSTAFSSON – RAMON PRATS Tracklist: 1. Breakin the Lab! (10:19) 2. Contamination Control (14:48) 3. Don’t Mess With The Reactor (4:48) 4. Uncommon Pataphysical Phenomena (11:26) 5. Safety Measures? (4:38) Li... Leer más

A Quietness of Water

PETER EVANS – AGUSTÍ FERNÁNDEZ – MATS GUSTAFSSON Tracklist: 1. Once In A Rented Room (11:40) 2. Persistent Hope (10:28) 3. I speak To Hear (10:10) 4. Thoughts (12:19) 5. A Quietness Of Water (12:00) Line-up:…

BIRTH OF SHAPES – Live in Padova

MARCO COLONNA & AGUSTÍ FERNÁNDEZ Marco Colonna, clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone sax Agustí Fernández, piano All music by Marco Colonna & Agustí Fernández. Recorded live on April, 8th, 2016 at Sala Dei Giganti al Liviano, Padova, Italia... Leer más